Kimber Cannon


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Billy Kimber OG infused pre-roll. This cannabis joint has Billy Kimber OG infused with Billy Kimber OG kief and Billy Kimber OG shatter. Also rolled with no saliva and includes a glass tip for maximum smoking pleasure.

(Sativa/Active) strong aroma and offers consumers tart lemon flavors that foretell the strain’s mood-enhancing effects.



Buy Kimber Cannon Online

firstly, This is a pre-roll for the ages, a step above top-shelf. A seriously elite and exquisite invention.

secondly, The Kimber Cannon developed by Garrison Lane has some ferocious firepower behind it and even has the hardware to handle the heaviest of hits.

in addition, Boasting a fully formed and ergonomic glass mouthpiece,

however, this is a necessary addition in order to handle the 1.5 grams of oil and kief slathered, hand-selected buds in the barrel of this cannon.

Billy Kimber “Kimber Cannon” Infused Preroll – Garrison Lane (1.3 Grams)

This is certainly a weapon of mass inebriation, no doubt meant to be shared with multiple large groups of people.

Most importantly, the Kimber Cannon happens to be saliva-free, which may seem like a surprising notion at first.

And there are many pre-rolls on the market that don’t pay attention to those small details.

in conclusion, this is just another reason why this is one of the best pre-rolls on the market right now.

Get on over to The Green Door, and grab a few before they are all gone!

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