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Buy Purple Kush Marijuana Strain Online



Buy Purple Kush Marijuana Strain Online

There seems to be an abundance of hybrids on the market, and pure marijuana strains are hard to come by in recent years. What may be even harder for newbies, is to know what pure strains are sold on the market, and which have been off the market for a while. It is a breath of fresh air to find a pure Indica strain, such as the Purple Kush strain, that is not only available on the market, but is sold in multiple cities.

Purple Kush marijuana was named a Top 10 Kush Strain, by the High Times Cannabis Cup, back in 2016.

The Purple Kush marijuana strain is pure Indica. Its aroma is subtle with a berry aroma, followed by grape, and an earthy undertone. The THC ranges from 15-17%, making it a strain that will give users a good trip. A buzzed body high and head high leaves users in a relaxed state, that typically results in the land of dreams.


Purple Kush was originally bred in the neighborhood that calls itself Oaksterdamn, known by almost everyone else as Oakland, California.


What exactly is this place all about? Well, Oaksterdamn was named appropriately, and resembles the atmosphere of Amsterdam to a tee. Medical cannabis is available not only at dispensaries, but also at cares clubs, and restaurants. In this area, marijuana is legal to process and cultivate, and all a person needs is a doctors note, which is legal in terms of California, but not legal in federal law. Since 2012, the DEA has been trying to raid this section of the city, and wants to shut down not only the freeness of medical cannabis, but the University in the neighborhood as well.


Purple Kush is one of the rare strains that not only mimics its parent’s effects on scents, but it has one name taken from each of its parent strain. This makes it easy for consumers to remember where the Purple Kush strain came from.


The Purple Kush strain can leave a person feeling tired, drowsy, and flat out sleepy. The THC content is moderately high, which means users will not only feel glued to the couch, but they will feel buzzed to the sofa as well. It is for this reason that users typically use this strain at night.

Users will notice their high is instantly eased into realization, through their body and mind, at the same time. It is a slow rise and a calming low that allows people to ride the high through their nap, or bedtime. People will wake up feeling relaxed, and ready to take on the day.

Yes, this strain has high THC, but since it is a pure Indica cannabis, it will still allow even those sensitive to THC to have a good time. People who are new to the marijuana world don’t have to take any precaution, as far as consumption of this strain is concerned.


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of this strain have praised it for being able to treat surgical recovery processes. Even those with massive surgeries, such as spine and bone fusions, have found relief with Purple Kush marijuana strain.

The high is happy and uplifting, while also being smooth and trippy. Great for those who want to fall asleep smiling.

All reviews praise this strain for having the best taste and scent on the market. Users who try it for the first time, are genuinely surprised by its flavors. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make a horse drink, the same is valid with this strain. It is suggested to everyone, and it isn’t until people finally try it, that consumers understand all the hype around it.

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